Norris on the Issues

I Will Protect Your Constitutional Rights

As your Sheriff, my job is to uphold both the Idaho and United States Constitutions. I believe that one of the primary duties of Law Enforcement is to stand up against unconstitutional laws and to protect your rights as they are enshrined in our constitutions. As your Sheriff, you can count on me to uphold my oath to this duty.

  • I SUPPORT Our 2nd Amendment -- As your Sheriff, I am a steadfast supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear firearms. This right shall not be infringed. Period. I will protect this right.

  • I Support Conceal Carry -- As your Sheriff, I am a strong supporter of conceal carry. We know that lawful conceal carry citizens are some of the most law-abiding members of our community. We also know that having these citizens in our community makes us safer.

  • I Support Due Process -- As your Sheriff, I will not allow any member of our community to have their freedoms or property rights infringed without due process.

I Believe in Transparency and Will Be Active in Your Community

More growth means more crime. As your Sheriff I know the challenges of managing a law enforcement agency in order to keep pace with a growing county. I support proactive law enforcement and transparency-based policing. Living in a clean and safe community is necessary to maintaining a high quality of life for all Kootenai County residents. Law enforcement plays a role in that overall quality by keeping bad people off our streets, but also by supporting programs that lead to higher odds of success for at risk youth and adult offenders. As your Sheriff I believe we should have better communication with you – the Citizen – and work harder to fight the negative influences that diminish your quality of life.

  • I Believe in Transparency-Based Policing -– Have you ever met one of the Deputies who patrols your neighborhood? Do you know what kind of crime gets reported and if it’s getting worse or better? As your Sheriff, I will hold town hall meetings throughout the County with the Deputies who patrol your neighborhood and tell you what is happening there. I will seek feedback from you on what the Sheriff’s Department can do better to serve the community’s needs. Like any government body, we are here to serve you, the Citizen.

  • I Support Taking Caring of Our Citizens -- As your Sheriff, I believe law enforcement has a role in taking care of our citizens, especially young people. Too often they grow up in broken homes, see their parents abuse drugs or get abused themselves. I’ve seen first hand how law enforcement can play a role in changing this trajectory for young people. I have and will develop cost-effective non-governmental programs with community service organizations, community leaders, and our clergy that are designed to intervene early, so we can increase the odds for these kids to become productive adult citizens.

  • I Say "NO" to a Correctional Re-Entry Facility in Our Community -- There are several reasons why I am against a re-entry facility in Kootenai County. One only has to see how the current release policy of Kootenai County Jail inmates is causing problems for the community. Take, for example, what happens when an indigent Spokane resident is released into our community. The inmate is simply released at the jail, without transportation arrangements back to Spokane. This creates a scenario for a “crime of opportunity” to occur. I have spoken to employees from nearby businesses who have had problems with released inmates harassing them in their places of business. Additionally, the state does a poor job in rehabilitating inmates. Some statistics show a recidivism rate as high as 80%. It is clear there is room for significant improvement. As your Sheriff, it is my responsibility to protect your rights, enforce the law and keep our community safe. As your Sheriff, I will not allow a Spokane, or any out of County inmate, to be released into the Coeur d’Alene or Dalton Gardens Community. Not on my watch. As your Sheriff, I am not going to wait until somebody gets hurt to implement proactive policies to protect our community. I will be hosting a town hall meeting in September for residents, business owners and school officials wanting to know more about my policies with the Kootenai County jail. The topic will be “ As your Sheriff, how can we be a better jail neighbor in our community.”

I Will Lead the Sheriff’s Office into the Future

We are fortunate to have a terrific Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) with a lot of dedicated staff. However, there is still room for improvement with our protocols, policies, public communication and management practices. I am a thirty-year Sheriff’s Office veteran, I work on the Search and Rescue team, I know the immediate issues facing the KCSO. As your Sheriff, I will continuously look for ways to improve the Department so it can better serve the needs of our community.

  • I Will Increase Deputy Retention -– Did you know it costs the County about $100,000 to train just one new Deputy? When a Deputy leaves we lose more than just the monetary investment…we lose valuable experience. That loss can lead to public safety and budgetary issues we all pay for. As your Sheriff, I will increase Deputy retention outside of competing with pay alone. We live in a great community with great people in our Sheriff’s Office. We should never lose a Deputy to another local department. Our Deputies often perform a difficult and thankless job. I know how to make that happen by providing better career development and making the job more fulfilling and satisfying.

  • I Will Re-Review KCSO Policies -– I will review policies and procedures to ensure public safety, reduce liability risks, and make sure we are providing a quality service to you, the taxpayer.

  • I Will Implement a Management by Objective Style -– the best run organizations identify divisional and departmental objectives, and then they empower their front-line staff to take ownership over achieving those objectives. I do not believe that front-line staff should be dependent on their management to meet KCSO objectives. I believe that the responsibility of failure is a reflection of management, but glory of success should be credited to our front-line Deputies. My management style focuses on delegating authority and ownership to front-line staff with the goal of achieving positive outcomes for our community and the KCSO. I have seen this management style generate higher overall job satisfaction for Deputies while generating favorable results for the community. I will make that happen as your Sheriff.

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